Matilda's monthly progress

24 Months

Tilda is Two Today!
And so we mark her birthday in lockdown – ironic, given how she was so curious about the outside world that she arrived 96 days early. Fortunately, she has no inkling that anything’s amiss – she takes everything in her stride. John and I are trying our best to do the same – we’ve experienced so many twists and turns since becoming parents that we feel like contortionists, and not such supple ones these days.
Tilda is a conundrum. Outwardly, she’s the picture of health, but her kidney function is less than 30%. She’s sharp as a dart, but her hearing is distorted due to Auditory Neuropathy. She’s half the size expected for her age, and no doctor is sure why.
But, above all this – she’s the most joyful, affectionate child we could hope for. She was so fragile at birth that we waited 12 days to hold her, but she certainly compensates for this now, smothering us in hugs and kisses. Whether she’s scaling the sofa, clapping along to the virtual Big Fish Little Fish family rave or running amok through the flowerbeds, she always has the brightest eyes, her tongue poking out in typical Tilda fashion.
Today is all about Tilda and living in the moment, just as she does. Here’s to celebrating life, regardless of its restrictions!

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