Matilda's monthly progress

20 Months

It’s MC Matilda Cotton, here with this Christmas message.

It’s a miracle I’m here at all, for that I count my blessings.

It’s 20 months since I was born at 26 weeks gestation.

My mum has bought a flashing tree to mark the big occasion.
She’s covered it in sparkly things I’m not supposed to touch.
But I persist, I can’t resist, so much to yank and clutch!
I’m a gale force of determination in my size 2 boots.
Tenacity and feistiness are my greatest attributes.
I proved that I could hear when the tests said that I couldn’t.
I’m learning how to talk when the experts said I wouldn’t.
I’m walking, squawking, thumping, jumping, full of joy and cheer.
On Christmas Day, on every day, I’m thrilled that I am here.
So when the road feels long ahead, just think how far I’ve come.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas everyone!


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