Matilda's monthly progress

19 Months

Hello, my name is Tilda, although surely you know that already – I’ve been doing these updates for 19 months now!

Last weekend I took my first steps – I toddled across the kitchen all on my own! My parents were so caught up in the moment they forgot to film me. Now they expect me to do it again – no pressure! I’m still quite partial to crawling so I’m not a fully-fledged walker yet, but I’m getting there …

Thanks to a new prescription milk, I’ve gained more weight in the past month than the three previous months put together. I’m still no bigger than an average four-month-old, but it’s no secret that there’s nothing bog-standard about me.

Right now I’m in awe of autumn – the fluttery speckled leaves put such a smile on my face. I love grasping at them from my pushchair and gazing at the colourful carpets they’ve made in the park. I can definitely see why it’s Mummy’s favourite season.

Daddy had a big fancy dress party to celebrate his 40th birthday. He and Mummy really went to town with their costumes – so much so that I didn’t recognise them. My bottom lip did a wobble but then I remembered I’m a kick-ass micro-preemie warrior who fought my way back from the brink more times than I know how to count. 💪🏻 Suddenly wigs and platform boots didn’t seem so scary anymore and I partied wholeheartedly till way past my bedtime.

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