Matilda's monthly progress

17 Months

Hey. Tilda here, once again. Right now I’m obsessed with washing machines, spectacles, maracas and trying to grab random dogs. I’m also a dab hand with phones – my latest accomplishments including taking 23 artistic shots of Dad’s knee and registering Mum’s interest in a smart metre installation, much to her bemusement.

I turn 17 months old today, but many of my size 3-6 month clothes are too big for me. This might be because I was born 14 weeks before my due date or because I have chronic kidney disease, a combination of both or mostly genetics – it depends on which consultant you ask. Still, I now weigh one entire stone, which is a whopping great milestone for me and has been a long time coming.

Although my kidneys aren’t working as well as they could be and my hearing’s not the best, you wouldn’t think it to meet me – I’m the feistiest, most curious, mischievous tot on the block. Nothing stops me from living my life to its fullest.

This month I got my first hair cut and my first molar tooth broke through – boy, that was something to shout about. Guess what? I can now stand on my own, unaided! I was fitted for shoes and measured as size 1.5. Turns out nowhere makes outdoor pairs that small – let’s hope my feet grow a bit before I master this walking thing …

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