Matilda's monthly progress

16 Months

My name is Matilda and I am 16 months old today. I’m 64.5cm tall, wear size 3-6 month clothing, weigh 13.5lb and have enough energy to power the national grid.

My favourite things include eating tuna, jiggling along to the sound of steel drums, making clicking noises with my tongue, shredding tissues and licking windows.

I’ve had such a fun summer, taking in sights far and wide – what a big, colourful world there is out there for me to discover.

Sometimes when I visit the audiologist I’m a little shy, but this month I found my voice. He was telling Mummy and Daddy how I wouldn’t develop speech without a great deal of help when I grabbed his trouser leg and shouted, “hiya!” not once but twice. After that, he was the speechless one! I also say, “hey”, “dada” and “yeah” – the latter typically when Mummy asks, “Are you going to scream throughout the entire film again, Tilda?”

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