Matilda's monthly progress

15 Months

It’s so hot that Mum’s brain is frazzled, so I thought I’d hop on her Facebook to give my 15-month update – after all, I’m used to the heat after spending the first 107 days of my life in a neonatal unit.

I’ve learned to clap and I enjoy practising my new skill whenever I can. It’s especially fun when I’m eating – strawberries look so jazzy when they’re splattered up the walls.

The audiologist says it’s encouraging that I’m responding to music. I love to shake my maracas and my tambourine in time to the beat.

I’m a joyful ball of curiosity who relishes being outdoors. I have bucketloads of energy and I’m rarely ready for bed before midnight. It’s just as well that my parents are night owls.

Monday marks a year since my due date – my second first birthday. It’s also the first day of Dad’s summer holiday, meaning five entire weeks with me. We have so many adventures planned, the kind we could have only dreamed about this time last year when I was in hospital. Now, that’s definitely something to clap about.

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