Matilda's monthly progress

14 Months

Hello, Tilda again. I’ve managed to stop making mischief for long enough to send my fourteen-month update.

It’s all good news – my latest hearing tests showed even more improvement, including normal levels of sound at some frequencies. It appears that my auditory nerve is waking up, due to ‘delayed myelination’. I’m really lucky because this degree of improvement is extremely rare. I definitely won’t need cochlear implants although I might still need my hearing aids. Apparently, I’m supposed to keep them in my ears, but I prefer them in my mouth.

My speech and language therapist says I have great babbling and copying skills – I like to smack my lips when people blow me kisses and I mirror their smiles, showing off my four teeth. The bars on my big new cot are the best teething toy ever. It’s pretty good for sleeping in too – I feel very grown up now I’ve moved into my own bedroom.

I’ll eat almost anything put in front of me unless it’s green. I think that’s why I’m now almost 13lb. It might not sound a lot, but it’s a massive gain for me and a huge relief for my family. When we went to see the neonatal doctor he said not to worry – I’m naturally small and I’m hitting all my other milestones.

Given that I was born over 100 days early, I’ve shocked Mummy and Daddy with just how quickly I’ve become mobile. When their backs were turned I opened the kitchen cupboard, pulled myself up to standing and grabbed the tabasco sauce. After that Daddy put some sticky locks on all the doors to stop me causing chaos with the condiments. The only problem is, now Mummy can’t get in either!

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