Matilda's monthly progress

13 Months

Hello, it’s Tilda here. Just letting you know how I’m doing now I’m thirteen months old. Guess what? I can crawl!! After weeks of doing bizarre yoga poses, I finally figured I can get around better if I don’t attempt a headstand at the same time. I can also pull myself up to standing, so mummy and daddy often awake to me staring at them, doing my meerkat impression. Now I’m on the move I’m tiring myself out, meaning I actually go to sleep before midnight. It’s time for me to make another move – into my very own room, and a larger bed with high sides to keep me safe.

Talking of keeping me safe, the doctors need to keep a close eye on my kidneys – a scan showed they’re unusually bright, very small and scarred. When I was in the neonatal unit my kidneys started failing after my nutrition line pumped food in the wrong place, but everyone thought I’d recovered from this so it’s been a massive shock. I’m not poorly right now and just because my kidneys look weird it doesn’t mean they’ll cause me problems, but it could be the reason why I’m not growing, despite my good appetite. I’m still 12.5lb, and my five-month-old cousins are bigger than me, even though they weren’t conceived until after I was born! (I have more hair than they do though, so ner!) I’m seeing the consultant next week and I’m hoping he’ll have a plan to help me grow.

This thing called spring is here and I have even more opportunities to be curious and cheeky, out and about. I’ve been to the aquarium, Sherwood forest and lots of sunny parks and birthday parties. Then there’s my Sing and Sign classes which are helping mummy learn British Sign Language, while I laugh at her attempts to sing. That’s right – I CAN HEAR her! Okay, not perfectly (perhaps a blessing given how bad her warbling is) but I’ve finally had some tests, which show my hearing has improved loads since I was classed as profoundly deaf last summer. We still don’t know the full picture, but sometimes with micro-preemies like me it takes longer for our senses to fully wake up, so who knows how well I might be able to hear as the months progress?!

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