Matilda's monthly progress

10 Months

Hello, it’s Matilda again and I’m ten months old today! If I’d stayed put in Mummy’s tummy I wouldn’t even be seven months yet, but curiosity got the better of me.

Since my last update, I’ve cut my first tooth and I’ve been tasting lots of different foods. Carrots and sweet potato are my favourites but I’m not sold on fruit, especially the yucky yellow bendy one.

Talking of bendy, I’m loving my baby yoga classes and my sensory group too. I’ve made some wonderful friends there and so has Mummy – the other mummies call me “Machillda” because I’m so chilled out and content.

I certainly have a lot to smile about, especially now spring is almost here. Because I was born with chronic lung disease and spent the first five months of my life needing help to breathe, my consultant warned that I’d probably catch bronchiolitis over the winter and end up back in hospital. I’m really lucky this hasn’t happened as I’m so done with being poorly – 107 days on the neonatal unit was more than enough, thank you.

My legs are as strong as my immune system and it won’t be long before I can stand unaided at this rate, even though I’m still teeny tiny at 11.5 lb. I’m certainly getting plenty of wear out of my size 0-3 month clothes!

After trying loads of different headbands, I’ve finally got a custom-made one that keeps my hearing aids in my ears. It’s still not perfect because I’m always wriggling about, outgrowing the moulds or trying to put them in my mouth, but it’s an improvement.

I like to keep everyone guessing about exactly how much I can hear – I’m still too small to have the official tests, but even without the hearing aids I react to squeaky toys, turn when people say my name and jump out of my skin when something loud goes bang, so either it’s a massive coincidence or maybe I’m not profoundly deaf after all. Time will tell …

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