Matilda's monthly progress

9 Months

Hello, it’s Matilda here – can you believe I’m nine months old today? My legs are growing strong and I love to bounce – there was only so much Mummy and Daddy’s arms could take so I now have a Jumperoo. When I’m not being a jumping bean I’m gnawing everything in sight – I’ve got some teeth coming through and they make me want to squeal in protest, especially in the evenings. I still find most solids hard to swallow but I’m a recent convert to strawberry yoghurt and I like a rusk in my milk, which probably explains why I’ve finally hit the 5 kg mark (11 lb) and outgrown my newborn clothes. My Aunty Lou had twins at Christmas so I now have two new cousins, Nancy and Henry. Meeting them and seeing how tiny they were made me feel very grown up indeed.

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