Matilda's monthly progress

8 Months

Today marks our first Christmas as a family of three and exactly eight months since Matilda’s birth. Recent skills mastered include rolling, identifying fake Santas by yanking off their beards and sleeping through the night … occasionally!

The latter feels like a miracle in itself, but the real miracle, of course, is that our micro-preemie is here at all. After spending the first 107 days of her fragile life in hospital, we’re all too aware of how our story could have been over before it scarcely began.

It’s been a rough old road and to finally reach the point where our joyful, sweet-natured and spirited daughter is healthy, is truly the best Christmas gift we could ever wish for.

Festive seasons of late have all blurred into one, but this one has a warm glow about it and something tells me that in years to come, the memories will continue to resonate.

Thank you to all our family and friends who have supported us throughout what has undoubtedly been the most challenging episode of our lives. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year xx

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